Customer Reviews

On purchasing my new home, I was approached by several water treatment companies.  Being very analytical, I listened closely and based upon product and price, I chose Aqua Terra and their excellent service representative, Lester Owens. Not only has the Aqua Terra system done everything as advertised; the price was the best and the service excellent.

I highly recommend Aqua Terra and Lester to anyone considering a new home water treatment system.

Martin D. Cohen
MDC Corporation
Seaside, California 93955
831-393-0588 / Fax 831-393-0578

We had an original model Kinetico water softener for over 25 years when we encountered a problem.  Rather than repairing the unit, we chose to have Aqua Terra replace the unit with a new model, a unit that uses considerably less water and salt.  After all, we live in a drought prone area.

The installation of the new unit was accomplished promptly and professionally. The folks at Aqua Terra explained all of the benefits of the new unit and walked us through its care and feeding.  Given the trouble-free nature of the original unit, we do not expect any issues for another quarter century at the earliest. We can only wish every appliance we’ve bought was as easy to use, reliable and trouble-free as our Kinetico water softener.  All we have to do is keep it filled with salt.  No timers, no dials, no knobs, no electricity; it just works…

Regards, Mikey
Carmel Valley, Ca

I had to drill a new well and after a few years of drought the well developed a very bad Sulfur problem. I talked to several well drilling companies and companies that built and installed filter systems. Almost all of them agreed that I would have to install a filter and tank system costing $10,000.00 or more.

I called “Les” at Aqua Terra Water Service. He made the 70 mile drive to my house, sampled the well water and showed me several filter systems which would eliminate the sulfur and bacteria from the water for less than $3000.00.


Ron L. , Lockwood, Calif.

I moved in to my new house a little over three years ago and a few months later I noticed that the polished nickel fixtures were starting to tarnish and to show some sediment build-up. I have my own well on-site and so it seemed obvious that I needed to have the water tested. I called Les, he showed up immediately, conducted various tests on-site and then sent some samples to the lab for further testing, the results of which were made available to me within a matter of a few days.

The water proved to be in excess of 50 grains hard, containing a small amount of iron. Les was very patient in explaining the options which were available to me, at the end of which, I felt as though I was in possession of all of the relevant facts upon which to make an informed decision. The equipment was installed promptly and professionally and it has worked perfectly since being placed into service. The water is now much softer and the earlier tarnishing has not progressed any further. In addition, I use the salt and delivery service which Les offers and I have never had to concern myself with whether or not my supplies will be there when I need them, they always are.

Les is “Mr. Service” and I would recommend him and his equipment to anyone.

Sincerely, Peter B.
Carmel Valley, Ca.

After 20 years of using an Eco Water system, it was time to replace our old system with a newer efficient system. The water system needed to support 4 adults and 2 toddlers and work with well water. We got quotes from Culligan, Costco (Eco water), and Kinetico (Aqua Terrace). Culligan did no water testing and made a recommendation solely based on the amount of people that the system was supporting. The Culligan system was the most expensive by far. Eco Water tested our non treated water and made their recommendation of a single resin tank controlled by an electronic control unit. Costco was slightly more expensive than Kinetico even with all their member rebates. Les was the last to visit but Im glad we called him. He made a recommendation of a Kinetico system with a sediment filter. What sold me on Les and Kinetico was the efficiency of the system and its ability to use all the water in one resin tank before cleaning itself and switching over to the second tank. Also, with a Kinetico system, there are no electronics to go out because it is a mechanical system. Additionally, we went with Les because he was a local business and I wanted to have someone easy to get ahold of if I had issues.

Fast forward 1 years and the system is working great. I have had a couple of questions and Les always answers his cell phone. Once I accidentally dialed him and hung up. Within 30 seconds I was received a call back from Les making sure everything was ok and if there were any issues with the system.

If in the future I need any future water system needs, I will definitely be giving Les a call.

Chris Knapp, Salinas CA


We have Kinetico water softening system installed in our home a little over two years now and we are very happy we have done it with Les from Aqua Terra Water Service.

We reviewed all pretty much all systems on the market and got three different presentation from their dealers. These presentations made our choice very easy. Not only Les was by far the most honest one, openly describing all the details around water softening details, he also offers the best Kinetico system.

I highly recommend Aqua Terra Water Services to everyone who cares about quality of their water, and about quality and reliability of the water softening equipment.

Peter Walter, Seaside CA


My K5 Ro System and Whole house softener/filter have worked amazing. We have clear water that does not spot the shower doors. No water stains in the drains. The faucets have worked smoothly for years now. We add salt when needed and we never have a service problem.

We tried the other brands in the past and always had the same issue with inconsistent softening and bad service.

Bill S., Monterey CA


I called in Wednesday about a leaking kinetico talked to a guy names Les. Explained my problem to him the best i could, he had me send over pictures of the system i have and he scheduled an appointment for the next day. Showed up when he said he’d be here. I live on a ranch so i have super harsh water from my well and he opened the system up (which was a 25 year old system) and changed out seals and pistons and had it fired up and running in less that 20 minutes. Les was very outgoing and had the knowledge base to make everything run like new. Great customer service! And will use you guys again!

Joseph M., Gonzales CA


My wife and I knew we wanted a water softener system and since we had a Kinetico system in our previous home decided that we would again go with this system. I requested a quote on-line and within a few hours received a call from Les at Aqua Terra Water Service. We made an appointment and Les showed up on time. My wife and I explained the system we had previously and wanted the same system. Les explained that he would be happy to sell us that system but that he could provide exactly what we want with a less expensive system. He walked us through how this system would perform answering all our questions along the way. We then asked about a water filtration system for under our kitchen sink. He explained what he could do and then priced out both systems for us. I couldn’t believe that we were getting the softening system and the under sink water filtration system for about $1200 LESS then our previous softening system.
The day of installation came and again Les and his employee show up as scheduled. They got everything installed and Les even came back to retro-fit the waterline tee fitting under the sink as our new home had a unique shutoff valve. Les wanted to insure that the cover plate could be placed back over the cutout at the back of the under sink cabinet even though I told him not to worry about it since it can’t be seen unless you get down on your hands and knees and stick your head under the sink.

A few days later Les called back to ensure that everything was working well and to our full satisfaction. What great customer service! If your in need of a water softening system I strongly urge you contact Aqua Terra Water Service. You will not be disappointed.

Mike S., Sea Haven Marina


If you’re looking to purchase a soft water system for your home or business, Les Owens @Aqua Terra is your go to!
Les is knowledgeable, efficient, & professional. I had a very positive experience and I guarantee you will too!!!

Teresa A., East Garrison CA


If you’re looking to purchase a soft water system for your home or business, Les Owens @Aqua Terra is your go to!
Les is knowledgeable, efficient, & professional. I had a very positive experience and I guarantee you will too!!!

Jeff P. LaNee, Hollister CA


I did a thorough research on which water company to choose for our soft water installation and am 100% glad I chose Les and his expertise to do the job. He is quick and very honest and is extremely knowledgeable about his work. He came to our home and went in detail about reverse osmosis carbon filters ect. Something other business did not explain to me. He is very accommodating with working around your schedule for installation. On the day he came he finished quickly and efficiently. Also a few days later we noticed a small drip on one of the tanks, we called Les and he came and fixed the problem immediately. We are very satisfied with the quality of the water in our home now! Plus the tanks are powerless doesn’t require and external output. talk to Les and he will explain it to you. It’s pricier than most systems but you are paying for quality and piece of mind knowing your have the best system out there and installed by an expert professional. Thank you Les!

Shena R., Monterey Dunes Marina CA


I have recently purchased a new home in East Garrison, knowing the hard water situation I knew I would need a water softener system. As i started doing research online I found Kenetico. That was the easy part, but understanding the systems I had no idea about. My first call was to Culligan and Bob the dealer told me the price and what Culligan will do. Nothing about what system, or what it will do for my house. I knew at that moment I needed to look elsewhere. This is when I was introduces to Les.

Les is the salesman, installation man, and the owner all in one. I did not know this at the time, but when I asked for his price an his thoughts he would not talk price over the phone. The reason is because he needs to be able to see the house and the job, this to me is something that stood out. I appreciated this, because hes not here to waste my time or his, he wants to be able to give you the time of day to explain his product, and the right product for my house. After I met with Les I understood what I needed, and how my system would work. He took his time, and made sure he explained everything and answered all my questions.

My unit was installed in the middle of February, I took a few months to write this review because I wanted to see how my system worked, and how the job was done by Les. My wife and I are very pleased with the system, price, and job Les has done for us. I would recommend this product, and Les in general to anyone that is looking for a water softener system. I even told my neighbor about Les, and within a week he was there installing there system.

I hope this review helps you decide to give Les a call, and let him come by and explain his product and his services, because I promise you, you will not be sorry you did.

Brian B., East Garrison Marina CA


We researched all the main brands and suppliers in the area and decided on a Kenetico system for whole home water softening and the Kenetico K5 reverse osmosis for drinking water. We have had it now for over 1 year and couldn’t be happier. Les from AquaTerraH2O installed for us and did a great job, very informative answering all of our questions, and would recommend him to anyone in the neighborhood looking for a water softening option.

I’d suggest reading other online reviews, sources and product details for all the major brands but recommend Les at AquaTerraH2O to get some honest support and information about water treatment projects.

Robert T., East Garrison Marina CA